Lau­re Boer Hyp­not­ic Music. Mys­ti­cal Rit­u­als. Witchtron­ic. Exper­ti­men­tal.

OUT NOW 👉👉 “Agate et la pierre de Sable” is now out on Kashual Plas­tik!!👀👀👀 The album is avail­able in dig­i­tal and in a lim­it­ed cas­sette edi­tion ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Com­pos­ite by the Num­bers is a project cre­at­ed and curat­ed by Dayang Yrao­la and about cre­at­ing a graph­ic score using the numbers/statistics relat­ed to the CoVid-19 pan­dem­ic. My con­tri­bu­tion has just been launched, you can see the com­po­si­tion and per­for­mance togeth­er with the musi­cians Tintin Patrone and Aus­pi­cious Fam­i­ly 👉 here.

OUT NOW ⚡️ Way­ward Sym­me­try ⚡️⚡️ first album with Aus­pi­cious Fam­i­ly on the label Chin­abot 💥 This album is the result of our col­lab­o­ra­tion that start­ed one year ago in Mani­la. We per­formed togeth­er at WSK Fes­ti­val of The Recent­ly Pos­si­ble clos­ing con­cert, and since then we kept on work­ing togeth­er in our respec­tive cities, Mani­la and Berlin. Big thanks to WSK Fes­ti­val, CTM Fes­ti­val, Nusason­ic, Musicboard Berlin and Goethe-Insti­tut for mak­ing this col­lab­o­ra­tion hap­pen­ing and big thanks to Chin­abot that we can share this✌️

New release! Perseus Arm is now out and avail­able on the Berlin based label LAN. Perseus Arm is a col­lab­o­ra­tion with Ben­jamin Gey­er. This album brings our music uni­verse togeth­er in an inter­galac­tic trip. 💫 Hope you enjoy it, have a safe trip 🌖🌘🌑🌒🌔

I’m hap­py to con­tribute to the com­pi­la­tion 713.73 to sup­port the amaz­ing exper­i­men­tal music event series Noise­berg. Check out the full sound on the album page.

The com­pi­la­tion “Pierc­ing Touch” by the Berlin based label Unguard­ed is out! More infos on Band­camp

The live from Leipzig at Conne Island for 👉 ARTE Con­cert and 👉 Unit­ed We Stream is online and can be watched 👉👉 here.

I’m super hap­py to present the result of the col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Indone­sian musi­cian and com­pos­er Fah­mi Mursyid : “Print­emps” is now on band­camp ❤️

The res­i­den­cy Ampli­fy Berlin is now start­ing. I’ll work the whole Jan­u­ary month with my men­tor Rabih Beai­ni and my co-mentee Fanis Gioles ?✨ Final show will be on 4 Feb­ru­ary at ACUD Macht Neu ⚡️⚡️⚡️

I’m so thank­ful, super hap­py to be select­ed for a 2 month res­i­den­cy in the Philip­pines organ­ised by CTM Fes­ti­val, Nusason­ic, Goethe-Insti­tut and Musicboard Berlin!!! ❤️❤️✨⚡️⚡️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

SKRAPEZ X Lau­re Boer
8 inch Lathe Cut Split Record, San Diego / Berlin


• 10.04.21 Q3Ambientfest, Pots­dam
• 08.04.21 Ex:In, Chem­nitz
• 07.02.21 Noise­berg x Elec­tric Offense
• 11.09.20 Hošek Con­tem­po­rary, Berlin
• 27.09.20 Arkao­da, Berlin
• 11.09.20 Hošek Con­tem­po­rary, Berlin
• 22–23.08.20 Count­down Grabowsee, Oranien­burg
• 08.08.20 WUEST am WUK, Halle
• 27.06.20 Oneiro­nau­tics III, togeth­er with Wis­sam Sad­er, Farah Haz­im, Mary­lou Guer­ra, Diane Bar­bé, Cash­mere Radio
• 15.04.20 Conne Island, Arte Con­cert and Unit­ed We Stream, Leipzig
• 08.03.20 Duo w/ Wis­sam Sad­er, Arkao­da, Berlin
• 27.02.20 Lar­rys Cor­ner, Stock­holm
• 23.02.20 North­ern Indus­tri­al Sun­day, Snot­ty Sea­side, Stock­holm
• 12.02.20 Anachro­nism, Schwankhalle, Bre­men
• 11.02.20 Anachro­nism, Stub­nitz, Ham­burg
• 04.02.20 Show­case Ampli­fy, ACUD Macht Neu, Berlin
• 16.01.20 Vil­la Kurio­sum, Berlin
• 15.01.20 Donau115, Berlin
• 08.12.19 Radio Vos­tok 4, Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin
• 07.12.19 ACUD Macht Neu, Berlin
• 06.12.19 Ten­nis­bar, Berlin
• 08.11.19 Das Kap­i­tal, Berlin
• 27.10.19 Duo w/ Aus­pi­cious Fam­i­ly, WSK Fes­ti­val clos­ing con­cert, Mani­la
• 25.10.19 Music­mak­ers Hack­lab, WSK Fes­ti­val, Dulo, Mani­la
• 24.10.19 Gan­gan Orches­tra, WSK Fes­ti­val, Ate­neo, Mani­la
• 17.10.19 Heresy x WSK, XX XX, Metro Mani­la
• 19.10.19 Heresy, Dulo, Metro Mani­la
• 18.09.19 Duo w/ Aus­pi­cious Fam­i­ly, Ruth­less, Today x Future, Metro Mani­la
• 16–17.08.19 Grabowsee, Ger­many
• 21.06.19 Duo w/ Yan Gi Cheng, West Ger­many, Berlin
• 08.05.19 Duo w/ Bern­stein Zim­mer, Donau 115, Berlin
• 16.04.19 Radio Vos­tok 3, Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin
• 15.04.19 Radio Vos­tok 3, Wil­lows Nest, Berlin
• 30.03.19 Artothèque Caen, FR
• 07.02.19 West Ger­many, Berlin
• 30.01.19 Donau 115, Berlin