Laure Boer Hypnotic Music. Expertimental.


  • 15.07.23 Berlin, Morphine Records, w/Diane Barbé
  • 01.07.23 Hamburg (DE), Künstler:innenhaus Sootboern
  • 25.06.23 Katowice (PL), Ars Independent + Biuro Dźwięku
  • 24.06.23 Łódź (PL), Bar Ignorantka
  • 23.06.23 Warsaw, club Chmury
  • 22.06.23 Bydgoszcz (PL), Club Mózg
  • 21.06.23 Poznan (PL), Dragon
  • 27.05.23 Berlin, Vessel
  • 28.04.23 Cologne (DE), Ambient Chapel Festival
  • 22.04.23 Berlin, Open Studios Saalburgstr w/ Diane Barbé & Alan Affichard
  • 15.04.23 Cologne (DE), Stadtgarten w/ Luise Volkmann
  • 10.04.23 Paris, 26 Chaises
  • 06.04.23 Aubervilliers (FR), Masterclass CRR 93
  • 01.04.23 Leipzig(DE), Spelunke
  • 31.03.23 Dresden(DE), Hanse 3
  • 30.03.23 Chemnitz(DE), Naturkundemuseum
  • 18.03.23 Hamburg (DE), Galerie 21 im Vorwerkstif
  • 08.03.23 Berlin, Arkaoda, Sturmundrang
  • 05.03.23 Berlin, Noiseberg
  • 28.01.23 Berlin, Studio DB, Codex Club x Cashmere Radio
  • 13.01.23 Essen (DE), Tage für Zusammenkünfte
  • 27.11.22 Berlin, Morphine Records, Torpor
  • 26.11.22 Berlin, Morphine Records, Torpor
  • 29.10.22 Aarhus (DK), Palmehaven x Galleri Tese
  • 20.10.22 Copenhagen, Proton Records, Goodiepal Banana School w/ Marie-Louise Andersson
  • 19.10.22 Gothenburg (SE), GAS Festival
  • 10.10.22 Ostrava (CZ), w/ Timothée Quost & Ben Whitehill
  • 09.10.22 Olomouc (CZ), w/ Timothée Quost & Ben Whitehill
  • 08.10.22 Brno (CZ), w/ Timothée Quost & Ben Whitehill
  • 07.10.22 Sokolowsko (PL), w/ Timothée Quost & Ben Whitehill
  • 06.10.22 Poznan (PL), w/ Timothée Quost & Ben Whitehill
  • 05.10.22 Hamburg (DE), Stubnitz, Anachronism
  • 04.10.22 Bremen (DE), Schwankhalle, Anachronism
  • 23.09.22 Leipzig (DE), Festival Seanaps
  • 15.09.22 Nuremberg (DE), Launch Release on Otomatik Muziek Label
  • 10.09.22 Cassel (DE), documenta15, w/ Diane Barbé & Kirstine E. Kjeldsen
  • 03.–04.09.22 Cologne (DE), Radio Art Zone, 2.5097481 x 10^-5 Centuries
  • 28.08.22 Berlin, Radio Eins Parkfest
  • 27.08.22 Berlin, Madame Claude
  • 19.–21.08.22 Oranienburg (DE), Countdown Grabowsee,
  • 09.07.22 Berlin, Kühlspot, Anarchy in the Garden Festival
  • 03.07.22 Lärz (DE), Fusion Festival
  • 28.04.22 Berlin, Édition d’Art, Arkaoda
  • 20.03.22 Madrid, Real No Real
  • 21.12.21 Berlin, Staalplaat, w/ Thimotée Quost
  • 11.12.21 Struer (DK), Sound Art Lab,
  • 13.11.21 Berlin, Meakusma x Arkaoda, Édition d’Art
  • 23.10.21 Berlin, Borsig Amp Festival, Kesselhaus Herzberge
  • 21.10.21 Berlin, Morphine Records
  • 05.10.21 Aarhus (DK), Det Jyske Kunst Akademi, w/ Yan Gi Cheng
  • 16.09.21 Berlin, Vierte Welt, w/ Pina Bettina Rücker & Evelyn Saylor
  • 28.08.21 Berlin, Villa Kuriosum, Sonic Curiosities
  • 27.08.21 Tábor (CZ)
  • 17.08.21 Berlin, Noiseberg, Unkraut Kollektiv
  • 10.07.21 Berlin, Spoiler Zone ,Tax Free Records
  • 09.07.21 Berlin, Panke, Codex Club
  • 23.06.21 Berlin, Sameheads
  • 04.06.21 Düsseldorf (DE), Weltkunstzimmer, Butoh Soundart Festival
  • 29.05.–06.06.21 Stockholm, Slipvillan
  • 26.05.21 Ruthless (online) Expert Trip Mental Music
  • 21.05.21 Berlin, Artspring
  • 10.04.21 Potsdam (DE), Fabrik, Festival Q3Ambientfest
  • 08.04.21 Chemnitz, Ex:In
  • 07.02.21 Noiseberg x Electric Offense (online)
  • 27.09.20 Berlin, Arkaoda
  • 11.09.20 Berlin, Hošek Contemporary
  • 22–23.08.20 Oranienburg (DE), Countdown Grabowsee
  • 08.08.20 Halle (DE), WUEST am WUK
  • 27.06.20 Berlin, Cashmere Radio, Oneironautics III, w/ Wissam Sader, Farah Hazim, Marylou Guerra, Diane Barbé
  • 15.04.20 Leipzig (DE) Arte Concert and United We Stream, Conne Island
  • 08.03.20 Berlin, Arkaoda w/ Wissam Sader
  • 27.02.20 Stockholm, Larrys Corner
  • 23.02.20 Stockholm, Snotty Seaside, Northern Industrial Sunday
  • 12.02.20 Bremen (DE), Schwankhalle, Anachronism
  • 11.02.20 Hamburg (DE), Stubnitz, Anachronism
  • 04.02.20 Berlin, Acud, Showcase Amplify
  • 16.01.20 Berlin, Villa Kuriosum
  • 15.01.20 Berlin, Donau115
  • 08.12.19 Berlin, Kühlspot, Radio Vostok 4
  • 07.12.19 Berlin, Acud
  • 06.12.19 Berlin, Tennisbar
  • 08.11.19 Berlin, Das Kapital
  • 27.10.19 Manila, WSK Festival, w/ Auspicious Family
  • 25.10.19 Manila, WSK Festival, w/ Musicmakers Hacklab
  • 24.10.19 Manila, WSK Festival, w/ Gangan Orchestra
  • 17.10.19 Manila Heresy x WSK, XX XX
  • 19.10.19 Manila, Heresy
  • 18.09.19 Manila, Today x Future, Ruthless, w/ Auspicious Family
  • 16–17.08.19 Oranienburg (DE), Countdown Grabowsee
  • 21.06.19 Berlin, West Germany, w/ Yan Gi Cheng
  • 08.05.19 Berlin, Donau 115, w/ Bernstein Zimmer,
  • 16.04.19 Berlin, Kühlspot Radio Vostok 3
  • 15.04.19 Berlin, Willows Nest, Radio Vostok 3
  • 30.03.19 Caen (FR), Artothèque
  • 07.02.19 Berlin, West Germany
  • 30.01.19 Berlin, Donau 115


  • 2023 Rites de passage, Luise Volkmann, rework Tracks And I Name You Téki and Die Archivarin (Label: Luise Volkmann, Germany, vinyl, cd and digital)
  • 2023 ZA! & la TransMegaCobla + Remixes, remix track El Djent d'Aruj Yamim (Label: In:Ex, Germany, tape and digital)
  • 2023 V.A.: Hope for Her Future–A Compilation for Girls in Afghanistan, compilation, track: Percée à travers les nuages (Label: Underground Institute, Germany, digital)
  • 2023 V.A.: Geographic Possibility, compilation, track:  Chien de faïence (Label:  Phncrs, Tschekia, cd and digital)
  • 2022 Laure & Laurent Boer: Echonomy Split Series #5 (Label: Otomatik Muziek, Germany, tape and digital)
  • 2022 V.A.: For The Lack Of Better Words, compilation, track: Le temps s’épuise (Label: Otomatik Muziek, Germany, digital)
  • 2021 Édition d’Art: Auberge des Sapins (Label: Kashual Plastik, Germany, cd and digital)
  • 2021 V.A.: No More Shitty Years, compilation, track: 2020–09-16_Blues (Label: Tax Free Records, Germany, digital)
  • 2021 V.A.: Lullabies for sleepless People in a tired World, compilation, track: Petit Soleil (Label: Kashual Plastik, Germany, tape and digital)
  • 2021 V.A.: Labyrinth of Memories , compilation, track: Constellations (Label: Kashual Plastik, Germany, record/vinyl and digital)
  • 2021 V.A.: The Wire Below the Radar, compilation, track: Soleil ébloui (UK, digital)
  • 2021 Laure Boer: Agate et la pierre de Sable (Label: Kashual Plastik, Germany, tape and digital)
  • 2020 Laure Boer w/ Auspicious Family: Wayward Symmetry (Label: Chinabot, UK, tape and digital)
  • 2020 Laure Boer w/ Benjamin Geyer: Perseus Arm (Label: LAN, Germany, digital)
  • 2020 Laure Boer w/ Fahmi Mursyid: Printemps (Indonesia, digital)
  • 2020 Laure Boer w/ Auspicious Family & Tintin Patrone: Torpor (Composite by the Numbers, Philippines, digital)
  • 2020 V.A.: 713.73, compilation, track Ballade à Noiseberg (Noiseberg, Germany, digital)
  • 2020 V.A.: Piercing Touch, compilation, track Chorus (Label: Unguarded, Germany, digital)
  • 2020 V.A.: Distances, compilation, track Retrouvailles (Label: Tsuku Boshi, France, digital)
  • 2018 Laure Boer x Skrapez, One Foot in the Train Yard / Caresse de l’Air (USA, 8 inch lathe cut record)
  • 2017 Laure Boer: Pieces for Church Organ, Live at Church St. Elisabeth, Kassel (Self-released, Germany, CDr)
  • 2013 Laure Boer: 1/2 #9 Special Tbilisi (Label: undemi, France, CDr)
  • 2013 Laure Boer: 1/2 #8 (Label: undemi, France, CDr)
  • 2013 V.A.: The LP Collection Vol. 2, compilation, track Kibetan Trance (Label: The LP Company, Switzerland, digital)


News 11.2022

Thanks female:pressure and Refuge World­wide for fea­tur­ing 😘✨ You can have a lis­ten back to the radio show here.🔥🔥

News 11.2022

A new ver­sion of the graph­ic score TORPOR will be per­formed on the 26 and 27 Novem­ber 2022 at Mor­phine Records in Berlin by this 6 fan­tas­tic musi­cians: Dayang Yrao­la (Bam­boo flute), Cedrik Fer­mont (Elec­troa­coustics and elec­tron­ics), Tusa Montes (Kulin­tang), Tintin Patrone (Trom­bone and Elec­tron­ics), Bet­ti­na Rück­er (Crys­tal Sil­i­ca Bowls), Eve­lyn Say­lor (Voice and Elec­tron­ics) Find more about the event and book the tick­ets here: TORPOR

News 09.2022

The fam­i­ly album with my father is now out on Otomatik Muziek!!!
Some time ago, I found a tape reel with elec­troa­coustic exper­i­men­ta­tions that my father did in 1981. This was a big sur­prise for me, as I my father is a choir con­duc­tor and I didn’t knew about this work. 40 years lat­er, I play an answer to his sound with my own elec­troa­coustic set­up. And the result is a split cas­sette with both our work. Thanks you so much Otomatik Muziek for push­ing this project and being always so enthu­si­as­tic and sup­port­ive ♥️

News 01.2022

Back to Berlin! Here some videos of what hap­pened at Sound Art Lab (DK) with the Singing Oys­ters and the Moon Pond 🌕🌑🐚

News 08.2021

We’re select­ed with Yan Cheng for the first res­i­den­cy pro­gram of Sound Art Lab in Struer, Den­mark!!!! 🎉 Thanks @soundartlab_dk for the invi­ta­tion and inter­est in our work. Hap­py to dis­cov­er @struer_cityofsound very soon 🤩

News 05.2021

Édi­tion d’Art: Our debut album Auberge des Sap­ins is out ☀️⛱ Take a lit­tle Tour de France ride with us on the label Kashual Plas­tik

News 04.2021

The new Below the Radar com­pi­la­tion of The Wire is out and I feel so hon­oured to be part of it 🌈✨🌈✨ Soleil ébloui is a track of a release I’m cur­rent­ly work­ing on at Kashual Plas­tik 😘✌️

News 04.2021

The radio con­cert on Radio T is now online on the Ex:In Mix­cloud page.

News 01.2021

OUT NOW 👉👉 Agate et la pierre de Sable is now out on Kashual Plas­tik!!👀👀👀 The album is avail­able in dig­i­tal and in a lim­it­ed cas­sette edi­tion ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

News 01.2021 

Com­pos­ite by the Num­bers is a project cre­at­ed and curat­ed by Dayang Yrao­la and about cre­at­ing a graph­ic score using the numbers/statistics relat­ed to the CoVid-19 pan­dem­ic. My con­tri­bu­tion has just been launched, you can see the com­po­si­tion and per­for­mance togeth­er with the musi­cians Tintin Patrone and Aus­pi­cious Fam­i­ly 👉 here.

News 11.2020

OUT NOW ⚡️ Way­ward Sym­me­try ⚡️⚡️ first album with Aus­pi­cious Fam­i­ly on the label Chin­abot 💥 This album is the result of our col­lab­o­ra­tion that start­ed one year ago in Mani­la. We per­formed togeth­er at WSK Fes­ti­val of The Recent­ly Pos­si­ble clos­ing con­cert, and since then we kept on work­ing togeth­er in our respec­tive cities, Mani­la and Berlin. Big thanks to WSK Fes­ti­val, CTM Fes­ti­val, Nusason­ic, Musicboard Berlin and Goethe-Insti­tut for mak­ing this col­lab­o­ra­tion hap­pen­ing and big thanks to Chin­abot that we can share this✌️

News 11.2020

New release! Perseus Arm is now out and avail­able on the Berlin based label LAN. Perseus Arm is a col­lab­o­ra­tion with Ben­jamin Gey­er. This album brings our music uni­verse togeth­er in an inter­galac­tic trip. 💫 Hope you enjoy it, have a safe trip 🌖🌘🌑🌒🌔

News 11.2020

I’m hap­py to con­tribute to the com­pi­la­tion 713.73 to sup­port the amaz­ing exper­i­men­tal music event series Noise­berg. Check out the full sound on the album page.

News 09.2020

The com­pi­la­tion Pierc­ing Touch by the Berlin based label Unguard­ed is out! More infos on Band­camp

News 05.2020

The live from Leipzig at Conne Island for 👉 ARTE Con­cert and 👉 Unit­ed We Stream is online and can be watched 👉👉 here.

News 02.2020

I’m super hap­py to present the result of a col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Indone­sia based musi­cian and com­pos­er Fah­mi Mursyid : Print­emps is now on band­camp 

News 01.2020

The res­i­den­cy Ampli­fy Berlin is now start­ing. I’ll work the whole Jan­u­ary month with my men­tor Rabih Beai­ni and my co-mentee Fanis Gioles ✨ Final show will be on 4 Feb­ru­ary at ACUD Macht Neu ⚡️⚡️⚡️

News 10.2019

Gueril­la Noise action in the streets of Pateros (PH). Thanks Dra­go Kat­zov for the adven­ture 🔥🔊🔥🔥🔊🔥🔊

News 04.2019

I’m so thank­ful, super hap­py to be select­ed for a 2 month res­i­den­cy in the Philip­pines organ­ised by CTM Fes­ti­val, Nusason­ic, Goethe-Insti­tut and Musicboard Berlin!!! ❤️❤️✨⚡️⚡️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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